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One of the best parts of watching our daughter grow are the adorable pictures and drawings she proudly presents us with. Running out of preschool, and now primary school, with her fist full of pictures of us, her friends, our pets - those scraps of paper represented everything that was important to her. 

Our children's handwriting and drawings hold special memories, but too often they are lost amidst a sea of papers, clinging precariously to a fridge, or crumpled in a drawer. I wanted to give my daughter's scribbles the special place in our home that they deserved. Scribbled Squirrel was born.

Our passion is turning your memories into pieces of art that you can treasure for a lifetime. We will turn any drawing into a keepsake that will make you smile. Your child's picture of Mummy, the first time they wrote 'Nanny' or a doodle that makes you chuckle, we have a range of accessories to make them into a perfect gift.

We now work with nurseries and schools to help them raise much needed funds. Visit our Schools & Nurseries page to find out how buying our drawing keepsakes can earn money for your school or nursery.

Browse through our online shop to see how we can turn your drawings and handwriting into one of a kind gifts. We are happy to do commission work, so if you don't see exactly what you're after please get in touch.


What customers say about us

I utterly adore my necklace! It honestly nearly made me cry! It's so cute and looks exactly like my daughter's drawing and I will cherish it forever!

She thinks it's amazing to have her artwork made into a necklace and she's so proud I wish I'd filmed her face when I showed her!


I cannot begin to tell you how much I love these necklaces. Esther is so incredibly proud to have done something so special for her baby sister in the sky. My children now all want to make something with their writing and drawings. I will treasure these necklaces and Esther and I will be wearing them with pride.


Literally the most helpful service from start to finish. nothing was too much trouble and they were so friendly. could not fault them in any way and am so in love with my keyrings. I love that I get to keep some of my children's artwork and handwriting with me forever. 1million% recommend to anybody.


All 4 kids were so excited that their art work would be turned into something which will be kept forever! I have been known to throw out pictures accidentally. 

They are made so well and through some power of magic have kept all the details from he kids pictures. I'm so in love with it and it's on my bag already!




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