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One of the best parts of watching our daughter grow are the adorable pictures and drawings she proudly presents us with. Running out of preschool, and now primary school, with her fist full of pictures of us, her friends, our pets - those scraps of paper represent everything that is special to her. 

Our children's handwriting and drawings hold special memories, but too often they are lost amidst a sea of papers, clinging precariously to a fridge, or crumpled in a drawer. I wanted to give my daughter's scribbles the special place in our home that they deserved. Scribbled Squirrel was born.

Our passion is turning your memories into pieces of art that you can treasure for a lifetime. We started with handwriting and drawings, but along the way we have added more ways to capture those unique events. Whether it's first words, a heartbeat, a lost one's handwriting, or an important journey - we will help you create the perfect memento.

Browse through our selection of jewellery and wall art, or contact us if you have a specific idea in mind.



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