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Little Hearts Matter

Few us of us could imagine our baby undergoing open heart surgery at just two weeks old. That was the reality for Katy and her family, when her son was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Six years, and three heart surgeries later there story is one of strength, courage and determination. So I was delighted when Katy suggested a pendant necklace made using the trace of Jack's heart beat. It's a beautiful reminder of the challenges he's already had to overcome just to run around and play like his friends.

Sadly, not every journey is happy. In those first few days it would have been easy to miss the signs that something wasn't right, in fact Katy was told by numerous professionals that everything was fine. Congenital heart defects kill more children each year than any other defect or illness combined and a third of cases are only diagnosed when a baby falls ill or dies. The UK National Screening Committee is consulting on including tests in newborn exams to identify critical heart defects - disappointingly the current advice from the NHS is against carrying out the tests. You can register your views on this life-saving test here.

I am pleased to donate £1 from everyHeart Trace NecklaceandHeart PendanttoLittle Hearts Matter- a charity that has supported Katy and many families like hers. 



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