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Remembering my Grandad

If you’ve lost a loved one, you’ll know that although the rawness of your grief may lessen slightly over time, it never truly goes away. My grandad passed away after battling cancer of the oesophagus when I was twelve years old, which is eighteen years ago this year, which feels crazy. I miss him all the time, but especially around Christmas as he died on 12th and his birthday was on 27th December, so it is a bittersweet time of year for us as a family.

I have found that, since having my children, it makes the loss of my granddad so much harder, as I would have loved for him to be able to have met his great-grandchildren and to experience a relationship with them as my nan has been able to. I know that he would have adored them, and the feeling would have been mutual, he was such an incredible man, who did anything for his family no matter what.

My mum and dad split when I was young, and my grandad was around a lot, supporting my mum and looking after me and my brothers, much as my mum does now for my children, so it hit me hard when he passed away. We were very close, and I remember calling his mobile phone constantly, over and over and over again in the months after he died. I heard his voicemail so many times that I can still recite it, word for word, after all these years.

In my early twenties, I wanted to have a tattoo to remember my grandad with, and I chose a feather and the word believe. I had been considering another tattoo, with a line from the voicemail for my tenth, and potentially final, tattoo next year, but I wasn’t sure where it would go on my body. I then saw an opportunity to work with a UK based company who make personalised jewellery from handwriting, drawings and even heartbeats. The process is simple, I just needed to provide a photo of some of my grandad’s writing, which luckily my mum had, and the team at Scribbled Squirrel were able to use this to create the line of text I wanted for my jewellery. The pieces are really important to me, as they feel special, being based on his handwriting, and I can wear the bracelet over my tattoo, and treasure them forever.

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