• Sarah Thomas

The lost two months

I was tidying up a vase of flowers the yesterday when I saw a rose that looked a little sad. It took only the slightest touch and every petal fell from the flower. It reminded me of the struggles that go unseen. How many of us look okay from a distance, but the slightest knock can leave us crumpled.

You may have noticed we've taken a break the last two months. It turns out I couldn't do it all. When lockdown started I really wanted to keep Scribbled Squirrel running. I knew it would be a good opportunity for the business as families were separated from loved ones and looking for ways to connect with each other. With our two children at home 24/7 and my husband working in the kitchen things got pretty hectic, in a nowhere to go, not much to do kind of way. We're very lucky to have a garden for the children to play in but, even so, by the end of each day I was exhausted from cajoling, entertaining, dealing with the inevitable meltdowns and our own uncertainty and anxieties. The three hours or so in the evening, which I would typically use for work, saw me staring zombie-like at whichever television show my husband chose. I was totally drained.

So no, for me, it wasn't going to work. It was okay to not do everything. I'm sad that we've lost two months of growth, especially as we had started to get some traction and a regular volume of orders coming in each month. I'm aware that those lost months could mean the difference between having to return to full time employment and being able to continue with Scribbled Squirrel. However, when I left my job it was with the hope of being more flexible with childcare, and if you can't be take advantage of that in a pandemic, when can you?

As we've found a bit of a rhythm, and the evenings have got longer, it's been easier to get back into work. I've taken some time to review our product range and rebuild the website on a sleeker, more integrated platform. We've updated photography and made some changes to colour options. You will notice that some of our range is missing from the website, they aren't gone forever but we will be phasing products back over time. Initially the focus will be on our custom items - children's drawings and handwriting - followed by our other ranges commemorating sporting events, new babies, relationships, and more.

I hope that you enjoy the new website, and thank you for all those who have patiently stuck with us these last few months.



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