• Sarah Thomas

Time for Big School

This week my eldest daughter started school, and the youngest will begin nursery. It's been difficult to get much done during the baby's nap times, so the prospect of having whole days to myself is quite exciting. However, it does mean that I have to get serious. It's time to stop hobby-ing and try to turn Scribbled Squirrel into a proper (money-making!) business - or face the alternative, and return to employment. 

Over the last couple of months family and friends have tried and tested the designs. Their feedback has been invaluable and has led to some exciting improvements.

  • We have introduced some new products. The block necklace and bracelet is the perfect way to display printed handwriting without losing character by artificially joining letters.

  • We have improved durability. Our fine curb chain looked lovely but it was not strong enough to cope with everyday wear so we have increased the thickness of the chain and fittings we are using. The result is a much stronger, long-lasting product.

  • We have introduced colour to the range. Our jewellery is now available in a kaleidoscope of colour.

  • We have added some finishing touches. All of our jewellery is now finished with a tiny Scribbled Squirrel charm at the clasp end and a variable length chain.

So please wish me luck for my first full day of work on Wednesday. I think it may take some self restraint to resist the urge to tinker on the design, and focus on selling some jewellery. Welcome to big school.



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