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Yours and Theirs.

Last week was mine and my husband's 8 year wedding anniversary. We used to go away each year for our anniversary but since we've had kids our celebrations have got a little more reserved each year. The first year after we had my eldest daughter we managed a couple of nights away while my parents babysat. Last year our youngest daughter was 6 weeks old at the time of our anniversary, and wouldn't feed from a bottle, so she slept in her pram alongside the table while we had a meal out. This year my husband had to go to a class the day of our anniversary, but we did manage a meal at a local restaurant the night before (minus kids in prams). 

So, over the last few weeks I've spent some considerable time looking at anniversary gifts. When looking for gifts I think we all want to find something that has a personal connection; that has that special feel and is unique and meaningful to us. Neither my husband or I wear our wedding rings much any more, but I was keen to have something less formal I could wear that recognised our partnership. It got me thinking about some new design ideas combining handwriting from two people - we're imaginatively calling it the 'yours and theirs' collection.

The idea behind the design is that one side is your writing, and the other theirs - joined together by a large ampersand. In the last week we've mocked up a couple of sample necklaces using the words Mr&Mrs and You&Me. I must say I absolutely love my You&Me necklace, I can definitely see it becoming a firm favourite. Like all of our jewellery what people choose to write, and why, are entirely open - hearing the stories and inspiration behind the pieces we make is one of the things I love about it.

Next up is transferring the design to other products - almost certainly a key chain and perhaps some wall art. They'll be hitting the store soon so keep an eye out.



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